Life Builders (Men)

LifeBuilders is the national branding of the New Testament Church of God  (NTCG) Men’s Ministry. The LifeBuilders motto is "Building Better Men" and the vision is to "build confident disciples and leaders, to equip our men to serve in the Kingdom, Family and Community".

LifeBuilders endeavours to provide a platform which promotes training, education, development, and  leadership skills. LifeBuilders attempts to enable men to identify and use their  gifts and calling for the benefit of the church community. 

Bro Joel Blake is the Director of the Herne Hill NTCG Men’s Ministry department. He is responsible for the overall operation of the Men’s Ministry which includes coordinating events and leading the Men’s department to fulfil its godly purpose and objectives.

He is supported by a Men’s Board whose role is to assist in the effective delivery of the objectives which include: 

• Equipping and training men for ministry, and helping them to discover their spiritual gifts and purpose; 

• Providing a sense of belonging through organised Christian fellowship and maintaining their commitment to the church family; 

• Encouraging men to be better husbands, fathers and spiritual leaders as priests in their home.